St. James Cathedral

1905 to Present

A recent photo taken from across the I-5 freeway in downtown Seattle.

The current appearance of the Cathedral is likely very different from its original form, as the structure has undergone important damage, reconstruction, and renovation since its cornerstone was laid on November 12, 1905 with over 5,000 parishioners in attendance.

This photo was taken to highlight the two sides of the institution. On the one hand, it provides charity that is voluntarily given (the tower in light). On the other hand, it provides charity to anyone who asks (the tower in shadows). You are considered deserving simply for appearing and not causing trouble while you are present. No distinction is made between a thief, a bully, a beggar, a parishioner, and an atheist. Everyone, whether he contributes or exploits, is lumped together as worthy of the Cathedral's charity