A photo of the face of Alexander Jay.  The alleged assailant of Kim Hayes.

Alexander Sherad Jay

King County Superior Court

After having myself been assaulted and knowing that my assailant was still on the street I became interested in other reports of criminal assault in Seattle and the nation as a whole. Without fail the violent act that was reported in the news was also reported with a statement about the assailant's previous criminal history.

One day in early March of 2022 I learned of a woman being thrown down the steps at the light rail station in Seattle's International District. The video footage was quite brutal and I investigated further. Sure enough. King 5 News in Seattle and the Daily Mail in the UK would later report,

"According to the King County Prosecuting Attorney's office, there have been seven cases involving Jay in the past five years. The most recent conviction was a residential burglary in Bellevue.

Records show Jay has been convicted of 20 crimes in the last two decades in California and Washington, including assault, theft, and burglary."

A brief visit to the Records Access Portal hosted by the King County Superior Court Clerk's Office confirms the aforesaid seven criminal charges including three charges of assault (1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree) and one charge each of murder, theft, burglary, and violation of a protection order.

Case No.  Date Criminal Charge
22-1-02794-7  08/16/2022 Murder-1 Premeditated
22-1-02875-7  03/25/2022  Assault-1 Deadly Weapon/Force
22-1-02867-6  03/10/2022 Assault-2 Substantial Bodily Harm
20-1-02891-2  06/12/2020 Theft-1 Over $5K
20-1-02986-2  04/08/2020  Residential Burglary
18-1-07286-3  11/27/2018 Assault-3 Substantial Pain
17-1-07091-9  11/27/2017 Protection Order Violation

May we not assume that his California record is similar in appearance. Judging from the document list his current three charges of assault and premeditated murder are being held up in court over a dispute regarding the alleged assailant's fitness for trial.