An Aloha Inn Sign-In and -Out Sheet

December 16, 2018

This is obviously not the log sheet that I signed on the day of The Rebellion, but it offers a glimpse of life at the Front Desk.

Each Inn-mate was required to sign another logbook called the Daily Log. His or her signature was required, whether he or she left the Inn or not. The purpose of these signatures was to insure that no Inn member would quietly disappear behind closed doors never to return except for on a stretcher. Punitive work shifts were assigned to those who did not sign the log book.

One of the function's of the Executive Committee was to check these logs in order to insure that everyone was both alive and present. During the week that I chaired the meeting I took it upon myself to check the log book. I discovered that eight residents were negligent in their duty.

Those who preceded me, including Missy Terene, had not been doing their job.