Submitted in Anticipation of Still More Wanton Abuse from the Executive Committee

May 26, 2019

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When it became clear that I would be dragged before the Executive Committee to answer for my behavior during the Rebellion, I submitted this document in my defense. Although it served me well to avoid a second probation or even permanent banishment from the Inn, it was not sufficient to check the committee's displeasure toward me when it came time to consider the second of two charges of harassment at two different summonses for the same incident -- namely, that of the Smoking Hut. These charges were evoked when I sought to achieve through stern reprobation of the front desk what I had failed to achieve through routine appeal to a rule that I had gotten passed by the General Assembly on behalf of my chief accuser at the summons that led to my consequent and final termination.

The source of the committee's displeasure, however, was surely another incident that occurred between the two summonses.

The committee had wanted to appear as a restorative force in a now divided house and rectify the wrong that was perpetrated against me by the very same who had just spent two weeks guiding the committee in its restorative salvation. Rather than allowing me to participate in the restoration, however, the committee had placed me on hold, and this hold time was counted as time served on the committee.

Their work completed the committee invited me back, whereupon I was told that my first term had now expired, and that, if I were to remain on the committee, I would have to be voted back for a second term.

In the moment that I saw that my re-election would be contested by none other than Jason, a clear political enemy, I requested the opportunity to clear my good name before the vote, but was denied. I smelled a rat, felt that I had been set up to fall, and resigned. This angered the committee, for I made it clear to the entire General Assembly that I rejected what appeared to be feigned good will. The remaining details of this event are explained in the body of this year's report.

As a result of this episode I did not bother to appeal my second probation. This decision made my second termination easy to bring about and expedited my freedom from the Aloha Inn and my own emotional entrapment and intellectual fascination.

Looking back I am very happy that I appealed neither my second probation, nor my final termination.