America's Lost Identity

December 2-6, 2019

The last topic of the Fall Term 2019.

I was still reading Higgins and turning the webpage into a multi-lingual advertising platform to attract Arab speakers. Working with Arabic was not an easy IT trick, but a solution was being found.

My embarrassment about having ignored intellectual property rights as a part of early human social development was still with me. Indeed, I had spent nearly my entire life in academia, and pretty much took it for granted.

Oh yes, there was always disagreement among the experts about the most accurate way to conceptualize our social reality, and I was well aware of the important role that academia played in molding society in the image of the state -- its employer. What I had not done, however, was view academia as I had gradually come to view the state -- i.e., not as a social construct of, by, and for the people, but rather as an economic agent of and by the people, for itself.

Viewing academia in this manner made it easy to understand the wall that I was up against, and how to penetrate it -- not as the enemy, but as a misleading, self-serving instrument unto itself that could be serving society in a much better way than it was currently serving itself.