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Hong Kong's English Language Industry
A problem of severe market distortion
economic modelling (index | government policy considerations)

Graph 10 - Subsidizing Low- and High-level English Language Competence

Current level of subsidization
Subsidization with market correction


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    Subsidizing low-level competence

Aacrs (graph | index)

This area represents the amount spent by government to provide Qf Hong Kong residents -- the entire population of Hong Kong -- with at least low-level competence in the English language.

    Subsidizing high-level competence

Aadhk (graph | index)

This is the amount it would cost the Hong Kong government to provide itself, industry, and the general public with high-level English language competence were government, industry, and the general public made to pay the full cost of training.

This assumes of course that the government is able to provide the same level of high-competence currently supplied by the private sector as a high-level competence premium.

  Inefficient use of human resources and government tax dollars

 Ajksr (graph | index)

This is the amount that the government current ly spends to be "fair" -- namely, to provide equal opportunity to all Hong Kong citizens to acquire high-level competence in a language that 80% or more never acquire (see discussion paper under Host nation, hosted guest - opens to new window).

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