English or languish
Probing the ramifications of Hong Kong's language policy    
Understanding the opportunity costs of Hong Kong's and East Asia's universal English language requirement
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Selected Background Information

  • EARTH's preliminary critique (new window) of the Language Education Review - "Action Plan to Raise Language Standards in Hong Kong". Standing Committee on Language Education and Research, January 2003.
  • English: bridge or barrier. The political economy of the English language in East Asia (pdf document - 137 KB) April 2002.
  • English Language Reform: What a national government might wish to consider with regard to English language reform. An open letter to the new South Korean government (pdf document - 52 KB) February 2003.
  • Hong Kong's Window Dressers: What sound reasoning would not dictate (pdf format - 40KB) December 2003.
  • Today's Investment Is Tomorrow's Prosperity(new window) - the nature of Hong Kong society and education from a macroeconomic perspective. November 2002.