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  • Moogoonghwa <<<>>>
    This website's namesake.
  • One Name, Only Borders
    Coping on the ground in East Asia.
  • Viewpoint
    Society from a variety of perspectives.
    • Our World >>>
    • My Region >>>
    • My Locality >>>
  • Imagine Insight into contemporary Japanese society.
    <<< First | Final >>>
  • Tsong Kit >>>
    A traditional Chinese input method for Chinese and English language beginners.
  • The HKLNA Project
    • Project Overview <<<
    • English or Languish? <<<
      A case of severe market distortion.
  • The GENA Project <<<
    Was intended to replace the more narrowly defined and researched HKLNA Project.
  • Grammar Captive <<<
    My final effort to rescue the final remnants of the HKNLA project, before embarking on Mount Cambitas — the hill on which I will surely die or prove victorious.
  • Facts and Figures of a Fading Past
  • My 2016 Hunger Strike
    A Futile, but Noble Protest Against America's UnAmerican Spoils System.
    • The Protest >>>
    • Epilogue <<<
  • America's Lost Identity >>>
  • 9/11 Truth >>>
  • Trash Bin
    • Aldwinckle's Humbug <<<

Time marches forward.
Are you?

2024 and after, maybe ...

  • New Year's Greeting 2024

  • Mount Cambitas
    The Story of Real Money. >>>

  • Ave Verum
    A blog page about the restoration of the American republic. >>>

  • Grammar Captive
  • 「旧 TWITTER 」- X Updates
    It feels like I am still throttled, and the X widget does not function properly. There is no display of my X updates. There is no timeline, only a button to the X website. Free advertisement for X, but no reward for having provided it. What kind of online business would do this to web developers, anyway? I do not trust Elon Musk — this despite the praise that he receives from so many sources.