Reading and Writing Cantonese with Latin Script
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Warning: This page is not meant to be authoritative and is by no means the last word on Hong Kong Cantonese phonetics. It is a phonemic starting point developed for the purpose of learning Tsong Kit and Hong Kong Cantonese online. It is modifed Guangdong Cantonese.

sing-1 mou-5
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sing-1 mou-5
dzung-1 man-4
jyt-9 jam-1
jing-1 man-4
Consonants Chinese Cantonese
(Hong Kong) pronunciation
Other language quasi-equivalent
b ba-1 bat, book, beach
p pa-3 put, poke, pittance
m ma-5 man, moot, middle
d da-2 do, deliberate, dollar
t ta-1 team, tow, toss
n na-4 nothing, numb, nullify
l la-1 limb, lumber, life
g ga-1 golf, good, goal
k ka-1 cat, cool, custard
ng nga-4 sing, rung, gong
h ha-1 hat, hold, hide
gw gwa-3 Guadalupe, Gwendolin
kw kwa-1 equivalent, quell, quiver
dz dza-1 jungle, juggle, judge
ts tsa-4 cheese, churl, chum
s sa-1 soil, sediment, settle
j ja-5 yellow, use, yule
w wa-4 water, wash, watt
Note: The consonant n is often pronounced as an l in Hong Kong. For example, the Cantonese greeting for "How are you?" rendered as 你好嗎﹖sounds much more like lei-5 hou-3 ma-1, than it does nei-5 hou-3 ma-1. As I will go by the book, the resulting Cantonese will be much more similar to that spoken in Shenzhen than in Hong Kong.