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Hunger Striker

Protest and Appeal Against the UnAmerican Spoils System

Understanding Reluctance

In an effort to understand the discouraging response to my effort to raise awareness of a failed system and my own personal misfortune, I have come up with the following list of plausible silent reactions to my letter and reasons for not wanting to support me. Interestingly, no one has criticized me directly -- this, although encouragingi is, in and of itself, not a solution.

  1. I reject self-immolation of any sort, even if it means the preservation of good character. In short, survival -- what any animal does with no sense of right and wrong -- is more important than human nobility.
  2. I approve of self-sacrifice to enforce a principle, but it is not something that should be done by anyone, least of all, a complete unknown. The voices of such people are simply ignored and a waste of time and suffering. Good luck! Best take the phony charity. There are others better suited for the task.
  3. Your protest is unbecoming of your age, for you have little to lose, and your sacrifice is thereby diminished -- hardly worthy of your effort and certainly not mine. Take the spoils and make the best of them. If you do not take them, someone else will.
  4. Already I pay taxes into the spoils system so as not to be bothered by misfortune such as yours. Who cares, if others are being ripped off, just so long as everyone is ripped off the same -- well, in theory, anyway. Good luck in your idealist crusade. No one will pay attention.
  5. Pay the price of your own negligence. For, if you were truly a loyal citizen, you would not have left the US in the first place and would now have sufficient retirement income. What is more, your quarter century of overseas experience is worthless in the US. We are exceptional, and how others view us is of little importance. It is only important that foreign governments follow are lead; the people will heel.
  6. Yes, I want to rid America of its spoils system, but no manner of protest will accomplish anything. Never has, never will. We must organize politically, and you offer no political organization. You are a sole individual with a noble heart and strong will, but with no political clout. Why should I bother to lift you up, when you have so little to offer in return?
  7. You are simply seeking to exploit a weakness in the system for your own benefit. Donating to you would be like donating to a political candidate -- more money down the drain.
  8. I do not believe anything anymore that I cannot personally experience. How do I know that you are for real? I do not know you, and I have not the time to get to know you. If you want to destroy yourself that is your choice. One less hapless individual for the rest of us to worry about.
  9. I am a patriot who shares your ideal, but I cannot be concerned about your misfortune. Liberty is not about solidarity; it is about realizing the idea. Everyone must find his own way toward this realization. Good luck. Make good on the spoils that are there! The war has already been waged. You might as well enjoy the fruits of the conflict. Who knows? Maybe someday you will even dig your way out of the mire into which the system has thrown you.
  10. You have got the right idea, but no means. Is that my fault? You can be easily replaced. There are plenty of youth with far longer time horizons than yours. One less teacher will not make a big difference. Understand that I think big and efficiently. Sorry, you are too old and insignificant to be worthy of my investment.
  11. Would your protest even make for a good human interest story: "An 'elderly' man returns home in search of employment after many years of overseas experience, but is rejected for his age and lack of paper credentials in an industry that grew up around his profession while he was away. And now, he foolishly protests against a system of which we all tacitly, if not openly, approve and fight to preserve." And, now you want to shame me into helping you help us? Some gaul. No.
  12. Get serious, dude. The spoils system is the reality, and I am fighting for my share, and you should be fighting for yours, not protesting against something that no one can change. True charity? That, dude, disappeared long ago.
  13. Go ahead! Destroy yourself. It makes for great entertainment. Just do not expect me to pay for it. There is simply too much free stuff on the internet already. It might be worth a retweet, though. A great contribution to collective diversion. Now, if I don't forget.
  14. You are like a child who cries and stamps his feet, because he cannot get what he wants. Grow up. Get a life. Kow-tow to the system. You are no better than the rest of us flunkies. America was never a free and sovereign people and never will be. it is a dog eat dog, rule or be ruled world, and it will never change. You are living in a delusion.

If I have left you out, send me an email at <donate @ nudge dot online>. Before doing so, however, please read my red, white, and blue pages. They might just provide you with a little more insight into human nature, modern America, and what others believe humanity is all about.

and the Courage to Act,

Roddy A. Stegemann, A.B., M.A., M.A.
Paul Revere Apartments
First Hill, Seattle, Washington
A portrait of Roddy after one-week of starvation.

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Roddy A. Stegemann


Hunger striking is an age-old form of protest often practiced by prisoners who believe that they have been wrongfully imprisoned.

Although I have not been imprisoned I object to our government and those who support the UnAmerican spoils system that it has created. I will not allow you to turn me into a petty thief by accepting "charity" that others may or may not wish to give.

True charity is voluntary; it comes from the heart. I want to live, but I will not do so on your phony terms.

Act now!

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Roddy A. Stegemann


At the age of 54 I learned how to springboard dive.

At the age of 63 I learned how to platform dive.

I am now able to do pull-ups in pike position

You see, America, I have been planning on the long run, but you have cut me short.

You believe that all Americans should be the same, and you would have me retire as a petty thief before my time.

It is not going to happen. We are not all made the same! We do not all follow the same path in life.