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  • The CoVID Task Force
  • The Mask
  • Technological Impasse
  • New hardware meant new software, and my hurdle was already quite large. Then came CoVID and HostPapa.

  • Socialist Revolution vs Constitutional Restoration
  • We are living in a new age. The silent majority has awakened, and we must act.

  • Purposeful Negligence and Resolution
  • My transition is over, and I have returned to work.

The CoVID Task Force

It was March. Neither presidential candidate has been nominated. I had not voted for President Trump in 2016; neither had I voted for his principal opponent Hillary Clinton. Although I was happy with much that the President had accomplished during the past three years, he had not yet addressed America's single greatest existential threat. In fact, he had contributed to it.

Although he appeared to understand that the national debt was a problem, he did not appear to understand the important role that the money supply plays in the overall national economy. He viewed our national debt as would the real-estate developer that he is -- a tax deductible instrument of investment. In short, he viewed the zero rate of interest being offered by the FED as an investment bonanza: all the money for which one could hope for the best investment possible -- the American economy. Unfortunately, soft money has many negative side effects -- most important of which is the boom and bust cycles that funnel wealth upward, deprive workers of their savings, and lead to malinvestment of every possible sort.

The Mask

On March 16, 2020 I received an email from the Office of the Vice President, the newly appointed head of the White House Corona Task Force, announcing guidelines for the nation to follow in an effort to the contain the CoVID-19 virus introduced into the United States from China.

The CoVID Task Force