Nontradable and Non-US guaranteed tradable bond placements

Non-tradable bond sales undertaken by Israel's bonds organizations
by country and geographical region in 2002

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Bond sales undertaken by The Development Corporation for Israel by country or region in 2002 (Pie Graph)
Note 1: The Israeli bonds organizations is a collective name given to a group of organizations similar to The Development Corporation for Israel. These are independent, incorporated, commercial arms of the Israeli government that raise money overseas through the sale of carefully placed nontradable government bonds.  The Development Corporation for Israel, in particular, is a New York corporation and a NASD-registered broker/dealer operating in the US. It was established in 1951. In addition to The Development Corporation for Israel there is Canada Israel Securities, Ltd., an incorporated financial body operating in Canada under Canadian law, and there is Israel Bonds International, an incorporated Mexican financial institution operating in Mexico, as well as  South America, Europe, and countries other than the US and Canada. It was also established in 1951. Source: Israeli Ministry of Finance. The Government Debt Management Unit. [online document] (13 Jun3 2004) External Debt/Funding instruments/Israel Bonds Organizations. EARTH's copy of this webpage is available on request.
Note 2: More than two thirds of the US1.28 billion dollars raised in 2002 by Israeli bonds organizations in the form of nontradable bond instruments was raised in North America. More than half of it was raised in the United States alone.
Note 3: The US$1,285 million raised in 2002 is a flow and should not to be confused with the US$9.31 billion (0.35 x US$26.6 billion) worth of outstanding debt (stock) financed through Israeli bonds organizations over many years.  See lower right graph.
Source: Government of Israel. Ministry of Finance. Government Debt Management Unit. Annual Report 2002. [online document] EARTH's copy is available on request.