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Wexner Analysis: Israeli Communication Priorities 2003 - pdf format (40KB)
The Luntz Research Companies & The Israel Project, April 2003

  • The world has changed. The words, themes and messages on behalf of Israel must include and embrace the new reality of a post-Saddam world.
  • The essential conclusion is to remain focused on your communication priorities from this point forward. Terror ends first. A willing peace partner emerges second. The roadmap is executed last. And throughout it all, you exhibit humility and reaffirm that the Palestinian people deserve better.
  • As with every memo we provide, we have used the same scientific methodology to isolate specific words, phrases, themes and messages that will resonate with at least 70% of the American audience.

The above are exerpts from the Wexner analysis. The work was performed by pro-Israeli USAmericans on behalf of Israelis who are seeking financial and political support among the USAmerican public. If you read the analysis and find that much of it rings true, then it is time you explore the Israeli-Palestinian conflict more deeply, because you are already a victim of US pro-Israeli propaganda.

You may like to begin your exploration with EARTH's Viewpoint, because it is there where I have sought to disrobe the Israeli-side, so that the Palestinians, who have been rendered naked by the US popular press, can stand as political, historical, and cultural equals.

A Brief History of Yasir Arafat

A most unflattering, but somewhat informative biography of Yasir Arafat by David Brooks. One can only wonder who the better liar is: the one who casts himself in an aura of mystical magic on behalf of his people, or the one who casts the one, who casts himself in an aura of mystical magic, as a self-serving image maker whose only worth is publicity for a bankrupt cause.

Downloaded from the July/August 2002 online issue of The Atlantic Monthly. A direct link to The Atlantic Monthly is also available. More...

Presidential hypocrisy at its best

President Bush's address to the inaugural meeting of the 58th session of the United Nations General Assembly (23 September 2003).

Although the President speaks frequently of terror he fails to mention even once the plight of the Palestinian people. In his speech he portrays the invasion of Iraq as a defensive action for "the peace, and the credibility of the United Nations". He fails to address the United States' chronic failure to seek punishment against the state of Israel for its flagrant abuse of UN resolutions. More...

Origin of the al Aqsa Intifada
Francis A. Boyle's interpretation of the failure of the Oslo Accords (1991-1993) and the Camp David Summit (2000) to secure a lasting peace between the Israeli and Palestinian peoples. (30 November 2000) More...

Obituary to the
Oslo Accords

Further interpretation by Francis Boyle explaining why the Oslo Accords failed to materialize (July 2003). More...

Francis Boyle is a professor of international law and was the legal advisor to the Palestinian delegation to the Middle East peace negotiations between 1991 and 1993. If you are unfamiliar with how the United States got to where it is and would like to know how it got there, please do not hesitate to read more.

1993 Declaration of Principles (Oslo Accords)
Some people think that Yasir Arafat was given the world. What could have been obtained was what US-Israeli relations could sustain at the moment of negotiation -- not what in the minds of the Palestinian leadership could sustain peace between the peoples of Israel and Palestine. More...

UNSC Resolutions
242 and 338

The texts of Resolutions 242 and 338 passed unanimously by the members of the United Nations Security Council

  • UNSC Resolution 242 calls on Israel to withdraw from territories occupied in 1967 war (22 November 1967). More...
  • UNSC Resolution 338 calls on all parties to abide by Resolution 242 (22 October 1973). More...

The bubble of USAmerican supremacy
If you have never read anything by George Soros, it is not too late. Besides his belief in open societies, he has one very important message that everyone should know and understand about modern society. Humankind is bubble prone, bubbles are dangerous, and we can prevent them. In this particualar essay he takes a look at the USAmerican supremacy bubble, and provides good reason for why it is time that the current Bush administration step down.

George Soros. 2003
(December). The Bubble of American Supremacy. The Atlantic Monthly.  [online document - pdf 144KB] (05 April 2004). EARTH's copy available here.

World hegemony and US empire building
Chalmers Johnson is an outspoken critic of USAmerican foreign policy and a very accomplished East Asian scholar and historian. In this article he provides well-documented information about the Gulf War. It will make you wonder even more about the current US engagement in Iraq.

Chalmers Johnson. 2003 (November). Sorrows of empire. Foreign Policy in Focus. "A think tank without walls". [online document - pdf 88KB] (05 April 2004) . EARTH's copy available here.