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Common Dreams Newscenter - Breaking news and views for the progressive community.
A portal to US American opinion about current events including links to a vast array of well written personal opinion, government offices, and journalistic sources. What the established US world press is hesitant to publish.
Electronic Intifada
The Electronic Intifada project (EI) is an online publication produced by a small network of pro-Palestinian activists with a history of Internet and media activism. EI undertakes research into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, publishes a variety of general educational material and media analysis, offers information services to journalists and editors, occasionally encourages letters of concern, offers unique media content, and even publishes satire.
Electronic Iraq
A news portal on the US-Iraq crisis published by veteran antiwar campaigners Voices in the Wilderness and respected Middle East supplementary news publishers 
for Justice
for the Victims
of Sabra and
The Sabra and Shatila Massacres
On Thursday 16 September 1982 a unit of approximately 150 Israeli-allied Phalangists entered one of two refugee camps in West Beirut. For the next 40 hours members of the Phalangist militia raped, killed, and injured a large number of unarmed civilians -- mostly children, women and elderly people inside the encircled and sealed camps. The estimated number of victims varies between 700 (the official Israeli figure) to 3,500. To this day the victims and survivors of the massacres have not been permitted a formal legal investigation. The Israeli Defense Minister at the time of the massacres was Ariel SHARON. Today he is the Prime Minister of Israel and responsible for the current occupation of Palestine and continued raids on Palestinian refugee camps.