Selected Work Samples
pre-earth projects (english | japanese)

  • Japan's bubble and post-bubble economies (various charts and graphs) - Selected Japanese and other data bases.

  • Hong Kong society, education, and economy (tables | graphs) -- Selected topics including sources. new window

  • Stegemann, R. A. 1990. European economic integration: an empirical study in factor trade. Pacific Northwest Regional Economics Conference Proceedings. Seattle: Northwest Policy Center, University of Washington. Published article.

  • Stegemann, R. A. 2001. English: bridge or barrier? The political economy of the English language in East Asia. Research manuscript. Presented at the ILEC 2001 Conference, Hong Kong. Submitted for publication.

  • Stegemann, R. A. 2001-2005. EARTH's Viewpoint. A series of carefully research essays and letters on a variety of topic ranging from President Bush's War on Terror to Hong Kong's education distilleries.

  • Stegemann, R. A. 2002. English or language: A case of severe market distortion. [online document].

  • Stegemann, R. A. 2002 to present. The Hong Kong Language Needs Assessment Project -- An ongoing, online research project that seeks to understand, illustrate, and eventually reform Hong Kong's universal English language requirement.

  • Baron, Peter P., General Manager, Hypovereinsbank (Tôkyô) A.G. 2002. Instability in a stable environment: Japan's bad-loans problem. Monograph (German to English.

  • IKEO Kazuhito, Professor, Department of Economics, Keiô University, Mita, Tôkyô. 1997. Bank regulation and managerial Incentives. Research manuscript. (Japanese to English).

  • Matsushita Institute of Government and Management, Chigasaki-shi, Kanagawa-ken, Japan. 1994. Die fünf Eide (The five oaths). Document. Translation (Japanese to German) by Ulrich APEL and R. A. Stegemann. A gift in appreciation for the institute's sponsorship of our summer work camp.

  • REIZEI Asahiko. 2002. World nationalisms viewed through an overseas Japanese prism. Japan Mail Media, No. 172, Murakami Ryû, ed., June 7. [online document] <>. Monograph (Japanese to English).

  • Baron, Professor Doktor Peter P. Baron. 2005. Isles of Tranquillity. ISBN 4-7544-0132-8 C0095.